PSL: Arif Abbasi feels associations not taken aboard

Muhammad Asif Khan

Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has crossed another major land-mark towards the much awaited Pakistan Super League (PSL) as the players’ draft concluded on Tuesday, with all fiveAA franchises completing their squads, however a former PCB administrator, Arif Ali Khan Abbasi has indicated a few ‘loopholes’ in the process. Arif Abbasi feels the absence of the associations from the process and said that it had killed the spirit of nationalism. “Associations should have been taken aboard in the players’ selection process. It will never be a national tournament unless associations are involved. Look at the multinational T20 leagues around the world there is nobody else selecting their teams except for the associations because it’s their team”, said Arif Abbasi while talking to this correspondent for News One TV

The former chief executive of the PCB also cast doubts over the drafting process, saying that bidding would have been a lot better option. “I don’t understand the mysterious selection criteria, there are over 35-year old in the emerging category, how can they emerge now? Also there should have been an open bidding for players, it would have evoked a lot of interest and would have been a huge marketing ploy as well”, stated Abbasi

On teams’ collective price, Arif Abbasi said that much more could have been earned. “$93 million are nothing, it should have been much much more. It was not probably handled by professionals”, felt Arif Abbasi

Arif Abbasi, who is regarded amongst country’s top sports’ administers also said that around a month left for the mega-event however the publicity, according to him, is below-par. “Month is very little time and I don’t see any hype. The people at the helm must pick up the pace now”, concluded Arif Abbasi



The writer is a sports journalist in Pakistan, heads the sports department at News One TV & Tweets @mak_asif


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