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Door on Indo-Pak series not entirely closed: Shukla

Muhammad Asif Khan

Karachi: After the resentment expressed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Sheharyar Khan over the treatment, he received, during the India trip, the much talked about the seriesShukla between Pakistan and India looks like a distant dream, however a high ranking official of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Rajiv Shukla still hopes the bilateral series is a possibility. “We did invite the PCB chairman Sheharyar Khan however the situation erupted in Mumbai changed the scenario completely however I am still hopeful of the resumption of the dialogue process between the two boards on the matter”, said Rajiv Shukla, while talking to this correspondent for News One TV

“After the ongoing series between India and South Africa, the BCCI will seek fresh directives from the government and only afterwards the window for the Indo-Pak talks could be determined”, added Shukla, who is also the chairman of the Indian Premier League.

The BCCI official also spoke highly of Sheharyar Khan’s stature and feels him as a fitting person to give impetus to the efforts for bilateral cricket revival. “Sheharyar Khan has a clout in India and he is known by the cricket as well as political circle. I think he has the ability to carry forward the dialogue process in a positive direction”, said Rajiv Shukla

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Sheharyar Khan toured India earlier this week however his scheduled meeting with the Indian counterpart was postponed indefinitely due to the unrest at the BCCI headquarters in Mumbai.

Sheharyar Khan also expressed unhappiness over the treatment meted out to him, during his stay in India, which he described as disappointing.

The writer is a sports journalist in Pakistan, heads the sports department at News One TV & tweets @mak_asif


Zaheer Abbas fears Pakistan’s WT20 participation in jeopardy

Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: Reacting to the latest development in Mumbai, the president of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Zaheer Abbas has feared that if the situation persisted then the participation of Pakistan cricketers in the upcoming World T20 Cup could get jeopardised. “Pakistan and India cricket authorities must work it out otherwise, I fear the Pakistan players could also refuse to tour India for the upcoming World T20 cup, citing security concerns”, said Zaheer Abbas while talking to this correspondent for News One TV.Zaheer Abbas

Earlier on Monday, a bunch of protesters chanted slogans against the visiting PCB chairman Sheharyar at the BCCI office in Mumbai, where he was present on the invitation of his Indian counterpart to talk on bilateral cricket series.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) says the BCCI should honour the MoU, signed last year, according to which both the countries will play number of home and away series in the coming years. On the other hand the BCCI is of the view that the fate of bilateral cricket was dependent on their government’s nod.

On the latest threats to the elite-panel umpire, Aleem Dar, the ICC president said the matter will be reviewed in consultation with the Board of control from cricket in India.

The writer is a sports journalist in Pakistan, heads the sports department at News One TV & tweets @mak_asif