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Sethi says stepped down to honour former Pakistan greats

Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: Former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Najam Sethi, in a surprised move on Monday, decided to refrain from the post of the International cricket Board (ICC) president. NS

“According to the new rule, from the next term, only former test cricketers will be eligible for the post of ICC President therefore I decided to give an opportunity to a Pakistani great this year”, said Najam Sethi while talking to this correspondent for News One TV

Najam Sethi, who was chosen as the next ICC president, was to assume the office from July 1st, this year.

Earlier, Bangladesh’s Mustafa Kamal stepped down as President following a tiff with the ICC over ‘mistreatment’ during the World Cup.

Najam Sethi further said that had he continued, as ICC president, then Pakistan would have to wait for a decade hence took the decision to acknowledge former cricketers of the country. “After me, Pakistan will get a chance to nominate an ex cricketer after 10 yrs so why not honour one of our greats now?”, asked Sethi

“I honestly feel that it would be better to step aside and honour a former Pakistani great this year in service and spirit of cricket. The PCB’s Board of Governors will nominate an ex-Test cricketer in my place in few days”, concluded Sethi, who is the chairman of the executive committee of the PCB & also a member of the Board of Governors.

The writer is a sports journalist from Pakistan, heads the sports department at News One TV & tweets @mak_asif