Latif terms revamped domestic structure ‘old wine in new bottle’

Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: The former Pakistan captain, Rashid Latif has lambasted the new domestic structure, recently unveiled by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), as a tried, tested and failed setup. According to the former wicket-keeper batsman, nothing will change positively until domestic players aren’t handsomely paid. “In 2011-12, Javed Miandad introduced the same system, but it failed to produced the desired results. Unless, the PCB pump-in considerable amount of money, the state of Pakistan’s domestic cricket will never improve”, said Rashid Latif, while talking to this correspondent for News One TV.

ICC should look into the 2009 county match.

To have an idea just check on the earnings of domestic players in England, India and Australia”, added Latif.

The PCB recently revamped the domestic cricket structure by combining the department and regional teams in one first-class tournament. Twelve departmental and fourteen regional teams will participate in a two-tier competition – the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy.

Top departments and regions will play in Gold while the remaining in the Silver league. After the season, the relegation mechanism will push two teams to the lower division – silver – and subsequently two silver teams would be promoted to the top tier – Gold.

“I am not in favour of merging departments and regions in a domestic event, there should be separate tournaments for both”, opined Latif

Commenting on the newly drafted constitution of the PCB, Rashid Latif questioned the democracy in the document as claimed by the cricket board. “Still the patron has the control over the board’s affairs. Why only ten individuals, including two nominees of the patron, decide about the chairman? this is not democracy. The General Body, of all departments and regions, should elect the chairman of the board”, said Latif

“Why do we compare the PCB with topnotch Cricket boards? Corruption and abuse of power is rife in the PCB hence it should not be compared with the cricket boards having a proper hierarchy and system”, concluded Latif




The writer is a Pakistani sports journalist, heads the sports department at News One TV & tweets @mak_asif


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