“Haphazard” decisions drag Pakistan Cricket backwards: Aqib Javed

ImageMuhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: Describing Pakistan performance in the World T20 cup as ‘satisfactory’, former test fast bowler Aqib Javed smelled a rat in Muhammad Hafeez’s call to step down as skipper. “I don’t know why he [Hafeez] resigned after just one bad match. He should not have done so. It seems that Hafeez was pressurised”, said Aqib Javed while talking to this correspondent for News One TV.

After losing to the West Indies, Pakistan failed to qualify for the semi final of the World T20 cup for the first time. Upon his return to the country captain Muhammad Hafeez, while taking the responsibility, stepped down.

The former fast bowler added that “haphazard” assessments would not work in favour of Pakistan cricket. “Such rapid changes will not work; this has been a tragedy that we get panic after every bad event and take haphazard decisions which drag us backwards in fact. In my opinion this is not the right way to go about it”, concluded Aqib Javed.


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