Maladministration of Zaka Ashraf

1.    Initiation of a very ambitious project of constructing a cricket stadium with hotel/shopping Centre in Islamabad & spending of over Rs 35 million on it without following proper tendering process/PEPRA Rules. At these difficult times when no international team is prepared to visit Pakistan, there was no rational behind embarking upon such a project & spending huge amounts on it. Project lies abandoned now.

2.    Another ambitious project in the name of Pakistan Super League was launched & millions & millions of rupees were spent on it without proper homework and planning.  It was subsequently abandoned after spending Rs 40 million, most of which money went to foreign and local consultants who were hired without due diligence.

3.    Spending of Rs 7 million in one year on the rental of luxury vehicles both within and outside Pakistan for personal as well as for family/friends

4.    Match Tickets of Rs. 2.3 million were purchased for the Champions Trophy 2013 in England for personal, family and friend’s use. These tickets were used by him even when Islamabad High Court had restrained him from holding his office.

5.    Instead of having a lean & efficient organization, he focused on hiring more & more people while there was little cricketing activity in the country. He hired more than 112 people on personal whims as there was no real need for them. The cost of such additional staff was a whopping Rs 6 crores per year. Jobs were created on flimsy grounds without thinking about the existing organizational structure & factual needs. In most of the cases, prescribed procedures to fill a vacancy were not followed.

6.    Purchase of a Four Wheeler Toyota car for personal security staff worth Rs. 3 million.

7.    Unnecessary heavy amounts on Journalists travel & entertainment were spent amounting to over Rs. 10 million in 2012-13 for purposes of getting good personal media profile.

8. Personal expenditures on entertainment of friends and political associates, rent of luxury cars, phone bills, etc and amounted to Rs 10 million.

9. First class travel abroad for self and wife plus allowances amounted to Rs 20 million per year.

10. Appointed personal business tax consultants and lawyers in PCB at exorbitant rates.

11. Wasteful Expenditures on lavish receptions Rs11 million.

12. Spent Rs 6.4m on dinners and matches of British Army in Pindi

13. In the last ten days, he has arbitrarily hired, promoted, and transferred PCB staff without following Service Rules.


1. Failed to convince Bangladesh team to visit Pakistan

2. Failed to convince India to start bilateral cricket with Pakistan.

3. Failed to organise Pakistan Super League

4. Failed to root out corruption and favouritism in domestic cricket

5. Failed to obtain any ICC event for Pakistan in the next eight years.

6. Failed to retain long term sponsors and bring new ones.

7. Failed to establish rapport with Punjab and Federal Government because of PPP affiliations

8. Litigation against PCB increased manifold due to undue meddling in the affairs of clubs and associations in order to manipulate votes for elections of cronies to Board of Governors.

9. Failed to make alliance with South Africa and Sri Lanka against Big 3 in ICC meeting and ended up isolating Pakistan in international cricket.

10. Ran PCB as party-political patronage office and hired and fired staff on basis of personal loyalty instead of professionalism and efficiency.


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