ICC has lost the right to govern: ARIF ABBASI

Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: Coming down hard on the International Cricket Council (ICC) after the controversial draft adoption, former chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Arif Ali Khan Abbasi felt that the apex body had lost the right of governance after “falling into a trap” setup by India, England and Australia – the big-three.  He feared further grouping amongst ICC members in the longer run. “Any orgnisation that is based on greed could not survive. The ICC president Alan Isaac encouraged the big-three to take over and by letting them to dominate, the ICC has actually lost the right of governance.” said Arif Abbasi while talking to this correspondent for News One TV.Image

“The affiliates & associates will suffer with the new regulations. This is against the charter of the ICC which advocates for the expansion of the game.” added Arif Abbasi

Earlier, the ICC passed a wide-ranging and controversial shake-up of its governance and structure that gave unprecedented powers to India, England and Australia – jointly known as the “Big-three”.

Arif Abbasi, while applauding Pakistan and Sri Lanka for their stance, said that even collectively the contribution to world cricket from the ‘so called’ big-three wasn’t at-par with Pakistan. “In terms of the on field performance, the big-three countries have been below-par lately, and what is their contribution to world cricket otherwise?  Pakistan introduced a lot of positive things to the cricket world. If they talk about the money, then I am afraid an organisation based on greed couldn’t survive”, mentioned Arif Abbasi, who held the post of the Chief Executive at BCCP [now PCB] between 1994 and 1996.

Commenting on the current state of affairs in the Pakistan Cricket Board, the former chief executive feared that the legal battles and the government interference could prove costly for the PCB. “Frequent chopping and changing is not in the interest of Pakistan cricket, it also sends adverse signals across. The Pakistan Cricket Board needs to put its house in order to regain the confidence of the cricketing world”, concluded Arif Abbasi


The writer is a Pakistani sports journalist, heads the sports department at News One TV & tweets @mak_asif


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