Spineless ‘Small7’ makes ‘Big3’ stronger: Rashid Latif

Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: The ‘dictatorial’ draft by India, England and Australia has taken the Cricket world by storm and every quarter is raising objection over it. The South African Cricket authorities have formally expressed reservation while the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has resolved to put its foot down at an appropriate forum. In this connection, former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif slammed the attitude of India, England and Australia and in addition termed the rest – remaining full members of the ICC – as ‘small7’. “They [Big3] are flexing muscles on the basic of two glaring facts. Financially they are strong, no doubt but the lethargic attitude of the other full members is helping them as well”, said Rashid Latif, while talking to this correspondent, for News One TV.Image

“The fractured opinion amongst the ‘Small7’ is the main reason of the daunting behaviour of Big3”, maintained Latif.

On a question, the former gloveman urged the aggrieved cricketing countries to fittingly register their resentment by boycotting the ICC events. “It is sheer discrimination which should be clogged with a combined effort. If seven countries boycott main ICC events then the rest couldn’t do much, but it is not the likelihood I am afraid”, said Latif

“If not all then at least Pakistan and South Africa could do it. Both should recognise their potential and take the lead in combating the possible takeover”, suggested Latif

The “Big3” have recommended setting up a new executive committee with permanent memberships for BCCI, CA, ECB, to supersede all other committees. They also want promotion and relegation in Test cricket, with exceptions made in the cases of BCCI, CA, ECB. The ‘Big3’ desire to replace the FTP with bilateral agreements and look at key ICC slots for their nominees as well.

“What are they up to? By asking for a lion’s share, they are simply dividing the ICC. Keeping the ICC-1 for themselves while leaving the rest in ICC-2”, felt Latif

“The draft will disturb the FTP as well, which will hurt broadcasters, hence they could opt for a legal course against the ICC”, concluded Latif


The writer is a sports journalist in Pakistan, heads the sports department at News One TV & tweets @mak_asif


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