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Zaka Ashraf terms BD chief statement a “U-turn”

Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: Describing the recent statement Imageby the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President, Nazmul Hassan as untrue the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Zaka Ashraf said that four boards – South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan – agreed to resist the big-three proposal and even after the meeting the BCB raised concerns over the principles announced by the ICC. “All four boards gave statements that they didn’t agree to the draft, now this is a typical U-turn from the Bangladesh Cricket Board”, said Zaka Ashraf, while talking to this correspondent for News One TV.

“Then why the BCB president gave statement earlier against the principles announced by the ICC?” asked the PCB chairman

Earlier talking to media in Dhaka, the BCB president Nazmul Hassan rejected PCB chief Zaka Ashraf’s claim that four boards – BCB, PCB, SLC and CSA – were going to ask for a delay on the draft proposals becoming resolutions. He added that his main objective was to play more Test matches and hoped that, by signing the Members Participation Agreements (MPA), Bangladesh would be in a better position than others.

“He [Nazmul Hassan] was worried that how would he face his people in Bangladesh if he signs [the big-three draft]”, maintained Zaka Ashraf

On a question regarding PCB’s future strategy, Zaka Ashraf said that consultation would be done at all levels before reaching to a final decision, added that Pakistan’s interest would be safeguarded at all cost.

“We will discuss the matter in the Board of Governors’ meeting as well as I would write to Prime Minister [the patron-in-chief, PCB], requesting for a meeting and getting his vision on the subject”, said Zaka Ashraf

“The final decision will be taken after thorough deliberation and after taking into account the interest of Pakistan Cricket”, concluded Zaka Ashraf


Spineless ‘Small7’ makes ‘Big3’ stronger: Rashid Latif

Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: The ‘dictatorial’ draft by India, England and Australia has taken the Cricket world by storm and every quarter is raising objection over it. The South African Cricket authorities have formally expressed reservation while the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has resolved to put its foot down at an appropriate forum. In this connection, former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif slammed the attitude of India, England and Australia and in addition termed the rest – remaining full members of the ICC – as ‘small7’. “They [Big3] are flexing muscles on the basic of two glaring facts. Financially they are strong, no doubt but the lethargic attitude of the other full members is helping them as well”, said Rashid Latif, while talking to this correspondent, for News One TV.Image

“The fractured opinion amongst the ‘Small7’ is the main reason of the daunting behaviour of Big3”, maintained Latif.

On a question, the former gloveman urged the aggrieved cricketing countries to fittingly register their resentment by boycotting the ICC events. “It is sheer discrimination which should be clogged with a combined effort. If seven countries boycott main ICC events then the rest couldn’t do much, but it is not the likelihood I am afraid”, said Latif

“If not all then at least Pakistan and South Africa could do it. Both should recognise their potential and take the lead in combating the possible takeover”, suggested Latif

The “Big3” have recommended setting up a new executive committee with permanent memberships for BCCI, CA, ECB, to supersede all other committees. They also want promotion and relegation in Test cricket, with exceptions made in the cases of BCCI, CA, ECB. The ‘Big3’ desire to replace the FTP with bilateral agreements and look at key ICC slots for their nominees as well.

“What are they up to? By asking for a lion’s share, they are simply dividing the ICC. Keeping the ICC-1 for themselves while leaving the rest in ICC-2”, felt Latif

“The draft will disturb the FTP as well, which will hurt broadcasters, hence they could opt for a legal course against the ICC”, concluded Latif


The writer is a sports journalist in Pakistan, heads the sports department at News One TV & tweets @mak_asif

Players to get mentally stronger with competitive matches: SANA MIR

Muhammad Asif Khan

Karachi: Cherishing the rare experience of playing under lights the captain of the Pakistan women Cricket team, Sana Mir hoped that the competitive practice would come in handy for the team in the upcoming events. “We hardly play under lights, hence competitive back to back matches were indeed a handy experience for the girls, which will prove useful in the upcoming matches in Doha and later in the World T20 cup in Bangladesh”, said Sana Mir, while talking to this correspondent for News One TV. Image

South Africa beat Pakistan, on Friday, to win the tri-nation series, which also involved Ireland. In the final, while batting first, Pakistan lost quick wickets and managed only 94 runs before getting bowled out in the 47th over. South Africa, in reply, overhauled the target with four wickets and six overs to spare. In the tournament it was Pakistan’s second consecutive lost to South Africa.

“The toss played a vital role in the outcome of the match. Yes, we didn’t bat well either, but honestly the wicket wasn’t easy to start with. Later on, the pitch eased out and the dew also made it difficult for the fielding side”, added Sana Mir.

The same teams will now contest a T20 tri-series starting from Sunday.

“We have worked hard to analyse our weaknesses, especially in the batting department. I believe the team has the potential to bounce back strongly to put up a better show in the T20 series”, hoped Sana Mir

“The experience will also help the team in the upcoming world T20 cup, where the same teams are in Pakistan’s group”, said the skipper.

The ICC Women’s World Twenty20 is scheduled to be held in Bangladesh between March 16 and April 6. The Pakistan team has been placed in Group “A” with Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa.

Sana Mir also lauded the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for organising a series in Doha, where, according the Mir, the facilities and environment were up to the mark. “I must appreciate PCB’s initiative to hold a series in Doha. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get used to playing under lights”, said Sana Mir.

“Prior to this series, we only played two games under lights so this was much needed. Also we are playing competitive cricket that would surely help the players to become mentally stronger”, concluded Sana Mir.



The writer is a sports journalist in Pakistan, heads the sports department at News One TV & tweets at @mak_asif

Anwar Ali bought pair of shoes from Woolmer

Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: Pakistan’s young all-rounder Anwer Ali’s journey to the national team is a hard-fought one, duringImage which he worked as a factory worker to earn a living for the family and simultaneously played cricket to serve his passion. The all-rounder revealed that before his first major international assignment – the U19 World Cup – he had to purchase a quality pair of shoes from Coach Bob Woolmer. “Before the mega event, I was in need of a pair of boots and a Sialokot’s first-class player advised me to approach Pakistan’s coach Bob Woolmer in this regard.” said Anwar Ali while talking to this correspondent for News One TV.

“Woolmer asked for Rs 4200 or Rs 4600 for the pair which I paid and got the shoes. I did request for a discount but wasn’t granted”, recalled Anwar Ali, who performed exceptionally well during the U19 World cup of 2006 in Colombo.

In the final, Pakistan beat arch-rival India by 38 runs. Anwar Ali was declared man of the match for his match winning bowling performance of 5 for 35.

After the heroics, Anwar Ali, 26, had to wait till 2008 to make his T20 debut and was sidelined for years afterwards. “It wasn’t an easy time, the family wanted me to leave cricket however, I asked for a year which was granted”, said Anwar Ali

“I went to England and played league there and realised the need of improving my batting as well. My hard work paid off and now I am considered as an all-rounder”, said Anwar Ali who has a first class century to his credit.

Recalling his first one day international match, he added that all the senior players encouraged him which resulted in a match winning performance. “I can’t forget my first ODI wicket of Jacques Kallis. The captain and senior players like Afridi and Hafeez advised me to bowl in the channel and it worked well for me”, said Anwar Ali.

Anwar Ali, in his first ODI in November last year, scored 43 runs and later claimed two South African wickets to clinch the man of the match award.

On a question, Anwar Ali expressed the hope of cementing his place in the national team, adding that as a player his job is to perform whenever an opportunity comes his way. “I am an optimist, believe in hard work and leave the rest to the all mighty. I will not disappoint if I am given another opportunity”, concluded Anwar Ali.